From Patients:

Our session made us feel so much better about something that might have otherwise been scary, without expert information and insight. They made it so accessible!

Claire was able to answer all of our genetic questions and was able to provide researched odds with specific percentages of possibilities when talking about genetic predispositions. She was well informed, prepared, researched and neutral while talking about our biggest concerns and questions. This appointment was invaluable!

Claire listened to our priorities and concerns. We left the call feeling better educated and equipped to confidently make decisions about our next steps. 

I enjoyed my appointment, Claire was patient and gave me a feeling that everything is ok to be said or asked. Had a great time talking about a subject that can be so dull.

Claire is great. I have worked with her a few times and she is very knowledgeable.

The session went really well and everything was covered good and thoroughly.

I appreciated the clarity she provided. I was able to follow along as she presented 3 generation of family medical history. It was absolutely valuable to understand the risks, and also know that some factors are outside of scientific parameters. The counselor was patient with my questions, and provided great feedback on my concerns. After our hour long consultation, I felt at ease that my future children would be in good health.

Heather was very professional, patient and comforting. She really helped me understand and assess my situation in a way that made it easier for me to make a decision.
Thank you!

Heather was amazing. She answered all of my questions and assured me of issues not directly related to the donor. She was fit us in before our scheduled appointment and followed up after as well. Her demeanor is amazing and calming.

I had a very positive experience. Claire was so kind and made me feel very comfortable.

Claire is an amazing genetic counselor. Her passion for the job and desire to treat clients as humans is extremely inspiring. Claire has been so very kind and helpful and that is much needed in her field. I am extremely impressed with her poise and her demeanor is beneficial to patients.

I had a great experience through Advocate Genetics. Claire made me feel very comfortable and the process was very simple.

I called in a panic I had picked and purchased donor sperm that had a positive result.for something I did as well. The potential condition was mild but my doctor wanted me to discuss this with a genetic counselor and I had very little time to complete this before my scheduled IUI. Adrienne called me within 30 minutes and had me worked in with Heather by 2:30pm the same day. I'm eternally grateful and can now rest assured I made a good decision.

Our counselor took time to really understand our personal situation and considered our questions carefully to help give us as much information as possible to make an informed decision that we were most comfortable with.

Claire was fantastic to work with! She was informative, kind and affirming to our individual needs! She really gave us peace of mind and empowered us to make our own informed decisions. Working with providers as a queer couple can come with some apprehension, but my wife and I immediately felt at ease and comfortable with Claire. Overall, great experience!

Participating in counseling with an Advocate Genetics counselor was informative and transformative. I cannot recommend them highly enough.

Claire was absolutely amazing! Before our phone call I was nervous and a little worried, but during our call she made all those nerves and my worries disappear almost instantly. I didn't feel rushed or judged at all. Claire made sure I was understanding everything she was explaining, she took the time to explain or answer any question I had. I would 100% recommend Claire. Thank you for all your help Claire you have been absolutely amazing!

Claire was an absolute amazing genetic counselor! She was so sweet so understanding non judgmental about my family history. She made me feel absolutely amazing. I was worried at the beginning of our call but throughout that call my worries disappeared completely. I did not feel rushed through the call, she made sure I understood everything during our call. She answered any questions or concerns I had. I would 100% recommend Claire. Thank you for simply being amazing and understanding and helping me understand my results!

Heather really took the time to talk about the information I provided and started by asking what I wanted to focus on during the consultation. I didn't have any major questions, and she used our time in a way that was helpful, and thorough, but also respectful of my time and financial investment in this consultation. I will admit I wouldn't have done this if my provider didn't refer me to them, but I was grateful for the service and care I received from Advocate Genetics!

We had a great experience with Heather, and she was so thorough and detailed about our information that we feel comfortable moving forward to the next steps in our Fertility Journey! Huge thank you to her and your staff for helping us!

Claire was very knowledgeable. My husband and I had no clue what the consultation was going to be like but she explained everything and ensure we understood the entire process and the reason for the consultation. She also made me feel comfortable and showed her concern. Thank you Claire you are awesome 🤩

My counselor was very informative but not intimidating, I felt very comfortable sharing my genetic history and asking questions. She considered different factors and I felt as if she was genuinely concerned for my well being and understanding of the process I was undertaking.

Heather was wonderful. She had a great understanding about the genetic screening results of our findings. She was able to answer questions that helped us makes decisions that suited our needs. She was very kind, empathetic, and knowledgeable.

My husband and I had a wonderful experience with Claire. She was very knowledgeable and was able to answer our questions about genetics. Claire also provided educational information and was eager to help us move forward.

My husband and I had an exceptional appointment with our Genetic Counselor, Claire. We didn't really know what to expect with the appointment, but the moment we got on the call with Claire we felt at ease. She was so friendly and professional. She explained everything so well and took the time to answer all our questions and addresses concerns. I felt genuinely cared for and especially when she offered to send us additional resources that applied specifically to our situation. Another thing that made it an enjoyable experience, I didn't feel silly or awkward when I wasn't sure what terminology to use. She helped normalize our situation. After our appointment we were even more excited about our journey of becoming parents.

Claire was great! She was very knowledgeable and, even more importantly, personable. We went into the meeting thinking it was kind of a silly meeting since both donor and intended parents had little to no genetic abnormalities, but it turned out to be a very valuable meeting for our understanding and peace of mind.

Our counselor, Claire, was extremely knowledgeable and was able to answer all of our questions with clear, pragmatic, and science-based responses.

Heather truly listened to us- our concerns/worries/questions. She provided a high level of information but in a way that made sense, and answered all of our questions. She found/used amazing resources to further our understanding. Her compassion and care were evident, and we can't thank her enough.

Claire was absolutely great to work with. She explained the results thoroughly and we left our meeting with a clear understanding of everything she presented to us. We couldn't be more happy with our experience.

Claire is great. Enjoyed working with her.

My genetic counselor seemed to genuinely care about what I was saying and answered all of my questions thoroughly.

Claire was an amazing counselor.

Our counselor made sure my husband and I had all information we need. She talked things out with us. She made sure that all our questions were answered.

The call went really well and answered all of our questions. Both Heather and the student were incredibly knowledgeable about the process we are about to embark on and informative regarding each genetic point raised.

Claire was a dream. She's very informative, very constructive, and answered all of my questions.

Heather made me feel so comfortable and confident in making a decision about my donor. She went above and beyond to share research and information, arming me with knowledge to make informed decisions.

I cannot say enough good things about Heather Kamen. She genuinely seemed to care about us and our IVF journey. The amount of time she put into our case was more than expected. I feel like we owe her so much more than what we paid to be honest. I would recommend her to anyone going through IVF and PGT.

As a nurse I am versed in what genetics are, roles they play when trying to create new life and the things that could go awry. Claire helped us understand a lot more than what I or my husband knew. She helped us be relaxed and to not be hasty in any decisions that we were not ready to make at that moment.

My husband and I were both very impressed with the level of knowledge and information gained from our appointment. Initially, we were not certain what to expect however, it exceeded our expectations.

Claire was very knowledgeable, kind and patient. We are very glad that we did carrier testing for peace of mind and Claire did a great job of reviewing the results thoroughly.

I really like Heather. She is very kind and soft with her approach to explaining details about the human genome. It is a very isolating experience to go through infertility and she has really been such a positive light in discussing options and possible outcomes. I like that she is respectful of my feelings and wishes and doesn't try to sway or belittle my thoughts, ideas and opinions.

Claire was such a delight to speak with! She clearly cares deeply about a patient's freedom of choice and right to privacy. She was knowledgeable and tactful. The appointment exceeded my expectations.

The genetic counselor did a great job explaining the potential impact of my and the donor's genetic contribution on a child. She did this in a manner that was informative, easy to understand and yet not condescending. The session was much appreciated and valuable for me.

Very beneficial in learning new things and helped with making a decision on my next steps.

Heather was considerate, knowledgeable, and professional. Heather explained some very complicated information in a way that was clear and easy for us to understand. She came to the appointment prepared, and we are thoroughly impressed with her knowledge and expertise.

I was really nervous for the appointment as I was not sure what it would all entail. Claire was great at making sure I understood what she was asking and made me feel comfortable in my responses.

Heather was amazing and took the time to listen to my fears and take them into consideration.

Our experience going over our genetic screener results with Claire was seamless and extremely helpful. She was prepared and showed an exceptional understanding of our results and how our egg donor's genetic makeup would impact our potential pregnancy. Not only was Claire knowledgeable, but she was incredibly caring and took the time to ask about our feelings around this delicate situation. I was very appreciative of her advice around the topic of using an egg donor for our pregnancy. Our experience with Claire and Advocate Genetics could not have gone more smoothly, and we are full of gratitude that we were able to work with Claire.

Claire was very kind and made the entire process very clear. She made me feel like I'm on the right track and empowered me with her answers to my questions.

Claire was very knowledgeable & caring. We felt the appointment exceeded expectations!

We expected a brief explanation about our embryos and were absolutely presently surprised when Heather took her time to not only elaborate on our case but explained the subject per se. We absolutely enjoyed the session and learned a lot.

Heather and I have worked together for one year. She is always kind, supportive, and provides valuable information/resources.

Counselor was very knowledgeable and empathetic to our situation. We were guided in the correct direction to make an educated decision based on our needs.

My experience with [Heather] was great... She was thorough, kind, answered all of my questions and put my mind at ease. I appreciated the time she took to explain everything to me, always asking me if I needed further clarification.

Claire is fantastic. I had to meet with her twice because my first donor fell through -- I wanted to meet with Claire due to the first experience I had with. She is a kind person which is so important. I have gone through 8 rounds of IVF so having someone with her kindness is so important. She was so thorough and detailed I left really confident in the information she provided me. Talking to Claire felt like talking to a friend that truly cared about ensuring I had the information to make the best decision for my future family.

We had a very good and informative meeting with Heather. She answered all our questions and made us feel at ease.

Claire was personable, informative, patient and helpful, and we felt she really cared about our personal needs.

Claire was heartwarming, very considerate, well-prepared and anticipated most of the questions we had. She was professional and truly a pleasure to talk to. She was willing to dig deeper regarding any technical question we asked and provided valuable information to us, for which we are very grateful.

I wasn't expecting to have too much added value but to my surprise Claire helped us understand the genetic incidences, variance and genetic testing for embryos. We are very thankful to her and for our appointment!

My husband and I were truly impressed by our experience with Advocate Genetics. Our genetic counselor, Heather, was not only incredibly knowledgeable, but also empathetic in how she presented information. We went into the appointment to discuss reproductive concerns we had, but because of the in-depth family history Heather reviewed, she also pointed out another possible genetic concern that I can now be proactive in seeking out answers & potential treatment for.

We are so grateful to Heather for helping us navigate our genetic concerns and giving us confidence in our decisions about next steps.

I appreciate the time and effort dedicated to my situation. My genetic counselor provided link analysis/genealogy tree that visually depicted what we discussed in our session. The counselor also provided numerous avenues that I could take after our session and was available for follow-up questions.

Heather explained everything thoroughly in a way we could understand. She was very personable, informative, and a good listener. She gave us the information we felt like we needed to make the next decisions to move forward.

Claire did a great job talking through/explaining things to us. It was a great conversation and we appreciated her kindness and patience.

Heather was great, patient, and easy to talk too.

My husband and I are trying for our first child via IVF, we are new to the process and have been a bit overwhelmed at times. We were referred to Advocate Genetics by our specialist. Our genetic counselor, Claire Shepherd, was very informative and really helped us to navigate the genetic aspects of our journey. We appreciated her thoroughness and care as she answered all of our questions. Just the right amount of useful information.

Heather was amazing and did a great job of making a very difficult situation manageable. She was super prepared for our session even though we had booked it right after a holiday weekend. She showed a lot of in depth knowledge and helped us work through what our next steps should be.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE Gina Davis. She is the first person who has armed me with the information I need to make decisions about the embryos that I do have and how to share that information with my doctor and potential surrogacy agencies. She was super empathetic to my situation and is the most knowledgeable person I have met in this field. I came out of my appointment with Gina the most confident I've been during this whole process of trying to conceive for 4 years and I wish I could speak to her about everything regarding my health. She is a wealth of knowledge and I could not recommend her more. Working with Gina is the best money I've spent during this entire process.

Claire was wonderful!! She is very professional and knowledgeable. I appreciated how flexible she was in tailoring her presentation to answering our questions. She was wonderful to work with and talk to. She made a scary experience a very good one! I honestly wish more people like her were working with people struggling with infertility. She made us feel cared for and we immediately felt confident knowing she knew what she was doing. I can't say enough good things about her.

The counseling session was very informative and helped us put things in prospective in regards to making our decision. Heather was very patient, understanding, and compassionate and did a great job answering my questions.

I appreciated my time with Heather talking about my specific circumstances. She had a calm and caring demeanor and I trusted the scientific details she shared as well! I felt listened to and seen and most importantly, armed with information that I can use to make the best decision for my reproductive future.

My experience with Advocate Genetics was a very positive one. Our genetic counselor, Heather was extremely knowledgeable and easy to talk to. She displayed compassion, patience and a willingness to address all of our concerns

Claire was patient with any questions we had and was empathetic when I broke down and cried.

Our consult was very thorough and she brought up some points about the egg donor process that we hadn’t considered. We felt very assured after the appointment and very excited to move forward.

Heather was fabulous. She was able to distill complex information and make it understandable. Provided just enough background as not to overwhelm. Very pleased with our session.

Heather was kind, patient and very knowledgeable. She came to our meeting very prepared and answered all of our questions. She was absolutely fantastic!!! Thank you, Heather!

What a wonderful session. Our genetic counselor was flexible, caring, a great listener, and so so helpful. She gave us advice that both laid out the risks in a highly numerical and factual manner, and also helped us interpret what that would mean for us in a more emotional manner. She was awesome and I can't wait to recommend her to friends.

Everything was great!! Exceeded our expectations. Coming into the session were expecting the worst, but from start to finish the counselor gave us so much hope. She explained everything thoroughly and enlightened my husband and I about other options available which was an added bonus.

Our genetic counselor was very knowledgeable and helped us understand more about what happened with our genetic testing and how our infertility diagnosis shapes our outcomes.

Our genetic counselor was very helpful in helping us understand the genetic risks for our child. She also gave us a clear understanding of the genetic chart.

Overall, the consultation was very detailed and useful in our decision making.

Our genetic counselor was very knowledgeable and showed visuals as she was communicating with us which was helpful. She helped make our clinical decision easy.

I am so lucky to have had your guidance and expertise. . . it really meant the world to us. Thanks again for everything!

I feel so eternally grateful for your time and how much your sharing of your incredible knowledge has helped me through this process.

My wife and I were very pleased and satisfied with the meeting with had with you. We were impressed with your knowledge of the literature and your confident and personable delivery style. You were patient with us and answered all of our questions. Thanks again!

Our genetic counselor was kind, friendly, and patient with us as she walked us through the potential risks of our chosen donor. Really appreciated her candor and teaching abilities as she walked us through the meeting.

This was a really lovely and positive discussion for my partner and I. Very interesting and helpful.

My genetic counselor was AMAZING and was sincere with regards to my situation. My results unfortunately won't change but she made this bitter pill a bit easier to swallow.

My genetic counselor was amazing!! She really put my mind at ease and answered all my questions. I feel extremely confident in my decision.

Our genetic counselor is amazing! After talking to her, we felt more educated to make better decisions.

My genetic counselor was amazing. It was incredibly helpful to speak with her. She’s very knowledgeable and answered all my questions and then some.

Our genetic counselor was incredibly helpful and the information she shared with us was very thoughtful. We even threw her a curveball with information we forgot to include in our intake forms but she didn't skip a beat in helping us understand all our options.

It was a great session that provided with a great deal of information we needed to make our decision for our upcoming embryo transfer.

Our genetic counselor exceeded our expectations. That was the most thorough, intelligent, and empathetic meeting we've had with any specialist in the last two years of this nightmare journey. I can't thank you all enough for doing what you do!

Very professional and informative. My counselor was compassionate yet let me know exactly what we needed to know in order to move forward.

Our genetic counselor has been the most amazing genetic counselor my husband and I could have hoped for. We cannot even imagine going through this journey without her guidance and expertise. The information that was shared in each session was truly exceptional! The support, empathy and advocacy we received was tailored to our specific situation. It is clear that client care is a core value which made difficult conversations so much easier. We could not be more pleased with our experience with Advocate Genetics and recommend their services to anyone seeking expert advice from professionals who truly care.

Having this session was extremely beneficial for gathering knowledge necessary to make an informed decision as we move forward in our journey.

This service is amazing. Being able to speak to someone who is profoundly knowledgeable about genetics and fertility made me feel like I was being heard, and provided us with direction and guidance when we felt lost.

Genetic counseling is valuable to us that help us make informed decision based on the knowledge acquired from the session. Thank you Heather!

My genetic counselor was absolutely wonderful :) She was very knowledgeable, empathetic and made me feel at ease. She covered the topics I had questions regarding and was very thorough. I would highly recommend patients undergoing IVF to have a follow up with Heather and the team at Advocate. The booking was seamless, the staff are very helpful and the genetics councellors are wonderful at their job. This truly goes a long way in such a sensitive and stressful journey such as IVF, where there is a lot of fear of the unknown - especially when it comes to embryos and genetic testing! Thank you :)

Excellent counselor. Interpreter could have been better.

I had a very positive experience with my genetic counselor. They were calm and knowledgeable. I appreciated the time that was spent on my case. Thank you for helping me understand my genetic testing results.

Heather was amazing, she couldn't have been more helpful, she was warm and friendly and so knowledgeable. She made us feel very comfortable in an overwhelming situation and answered all of our questions, I couldn't speak more highly of her.

Advocate Genetics made the entire genetic testing and counseling very easy. My counselor was very well versed in everything we needed and gave us helpful context so we could understand our situation better and make the right decision for us.

I’m so impressed by the donor match consultation I had with Heather Kamen. She provided comprehensive guidance on next steps in genetic testing and answered all of my questions. It was obvious to me that she is a genuine ally to people navigating infertility in hopes of building healthy families. Big thank you!

Heather was patient and kind. She listened to my concerns and was actively compassionate. Thank you!

My genetic counselor was knowledgeable and easy to talk to. She provided me with valuable information.

I wish I was able to give a higher than 5 to the counselor. She was just amazing, very knowledgeable, so kind, I can't find the word to describe her professionality. Like so many other couples, we are so nervous during the process but our counselor with her professional behavior and knowledge helped us to be more relaxed. She answered all our questions with passion and I strongly recommend you all to have your counseling session with her.

I'm a carrier for several recessive genetic conditions and I am trying to conceive with donor sperm and so I was very glad of the opportunity to evaluate several potential donor candidates with Advocate Genetics. I feel confident that I have more information and I'm better able to evaluate the risks and I have much more peace of mind making this decision. Thank you so much for your care and help to give me the best chance at a healthy pregnancy and healthy child.

Our experience with Advocate Genetics has been absolutely wonderful. We've had two consults with Heather, and each time she completely exceeded our expectations. The warmth and compassion we received makes talking about these difficult subjects so much easier. Not only were the reports we received more thorough than we dreamed possible, she had even created some visual aids to help us visual people wrap our brains around the info. These are complicated, intimidating topics, and yet it felt like we were sitting down to coffee with our super smart best friend. I highly recommend Advocate Genetics! They'll take great care of you.

From Donors:

Mrs. Shepherd was extremely kind and worked at my pace. I was able to get her all the information necessary, even if that meant running around the house to ask my family questions. She was super patient and informed me on my next steps from here with them and my genetic appointments.

Claire was extremely professional, and she made my lengthy consultation effortless and enjoyable without any boredom.

It was very comfortable to share and talk with the interviewer. She explained everything to me in details. Even though English is not my mother tongue I understood everything and if I didn't understand she knew how to explain it in the best way.

Claire was great! She made me feel extremely comfortable and allowed me to speak freely.

I love the fact that I completely forgot about my appointment and missed it but when I called back almost 2 hours later Claire was able to accommodate and take my appointment. Love that.

Claire was kind and helpful and made everything clear and easy during the meeting! The team also made scheduling and preparing for the appointment quick and simple.

Claire made me feel comfortable answering all questions and taking time to carefully think about my answers so I answered truthfully. It was a pleasure having her as a counselor.

The Genetic Counselor was very easy to talk to! She answered all of my questions with clarity and grace.

Christina was friendly and was willing to re-explain any questions to me in depth. She was open to addressing any of my concerns and was very approachable and kind.

My genetic counselor took time to listen to me and make me comfortable to share my family and my history. I would recommend this to any one who is interested!

Claire was amazing, made me feel very relaxed but was extremely thorough! I enjoyed my session with her, she made it extremely stress free

The counselor was very thorough and thoughtful. I really liked her. She was kind and helped me understand better my medical history. Thank you!

I left the meeting with a clear and perfect understanding of all the information that was discussed. Any questions I had were answered thoughtfully and thoroughly. Even though I got testing done to be a donor, my well being, in regards to my family's genetic history, was prioritized.

This process was so easy and straightforward and I'm glad I got to talk to someone so friendly who taught me a lot about my genetic history.

The genetic counselor was very informative and easy to communicate with. I appreciated her breadth of knowledge and kindness throughout the meeting.

Claire was very friendly and made the counseling very comfortable.

Punctual, responsive, flexible - very thorough. I was impressed that the counselor not only researched the gene mutation I had, but in-depth researched the different variations of that mutations. Excellent work!

I had a great appointment with the genetics counselor she was respectful and professional. She was also very familiar with concerns that I had.

Emily was professional and thoughtful during our discussion. She very clearly discussed the results and was thorough in building a family history tree based on the information I was able to provide.

My genetic counselor was extremely personable, knowledgeable, and made me very comfortable.

Heather was very nice and great to communicate with.

My genetic counselor was awesome, very genuine and caring. Amazing experience.

I liked your understanding nature and clear questions.

The counselor that I worked with was amazing! She made me feel comfortable and never made me feel judged for the information I was sharing. 10 out of 10 would recommend her! She was great!!!

I loved the way Advocate Genetics works, super fast and efficient, I felt very well taken care of! Very good support, take all my doubts leaving me more secure in relation to consultations.

This service has allowed me to look at my family history in a different aspect. They helped me become aware of my health in the future or for my children in the future.

Heather was so great to talk to!

The genetics counselor I was in communication with was very informative about why the testing is done and the different types of test that were done. She explained what certain traits could mean and was very reassuring.

I have never done genetic testing before but it was very helpful to know and understand what traits and disorders I carry. I really want to thank my counselor for informing me and answering all my questions.

She was excellent and gave me great information about the process as well as good suggestions for the future that I had not even thought of yet. I really enjoyed talking to her.

The experience was very good. They make you feel very comfortable and everything was fulfilled in interview times. They are very serious and very professional people.

Great service. Highly recommend!