What a wonderful session. Our genetic counselor was flexible, caring, a great listener, and so so helpful. She gave us advice that both laid out the risks in a highly numerical and factual manner, and also helped us interpret what that would mean for us in a more emotional manner. She was awesome and I can't wait to recommend her to friends.

Everything was great!! Exceeded our expectations. Coming into the session were expecting the worst, but from start to finish the counselor gave us so much hope. She explained everything thoroughly and enlightened my husband and I about other options available which was an added bonus.

Our genetic counselor was very knowledgeable and helped us understand more about what happened with our genetic testing and how our infertility diagnosis shapes our outcomes. 

Our genetic counselor was very helpful in helping us understand the genetic risks for our child. She also gave us a clear understanding of the genetic chart. 

Overall, the consultation was very detailed and useful in our decision making. 

Our genetic counselor was very knowledgeable and showed visuals as she was communicating with us which was helpful. She helped make our clinical decision easy. 

I am so lucky to have had your guidance and expertise. . . it really meant the world to us. Thanks again for everything!

I feel so eternally grateful for your time and how much your sharing of your incredible knowledge has helped me through this process.

The counselor that I worked with was amazing! She made me feel comfortable. 10 out of 10 would recommend her! She was great!!!

My wife and I were very pleased and satisfied with the meeting with had with you. We were impressed with your knowledge of the literature and your confident and personable delivery style. You were patient with us and answered all of our questions. Thanks again!

Our genetic counselor was kind, friendly, and patient with us as she walked us through the potential risks of our chosen donor. Really appreciated her candor and teaching abilities as she walked us through the meeting.

This was a really lovely and positive discussion for my partner and I. Very interesting and helpful.

My genetic counselor was AMAZING and was sincere with regards to my situation. My results unfortunately won't change but she made this bitter pill a bit easier to swallow.

My genetic counselor was amazing!! She really put my mind at ease and answered all my questions. I feel extremely confident in my decision.

Our genetic counselor is amazing! After talking to her, we felt more educated to make better decisions. 

My genetic counselor was amazing. It was incredibly helpful to speak with her. She’s very knowledgeable and answered all my questions and then some. 

Our genetic counselor was incredibly helpful and the information she shared with us was very thoughtful. We even threw her a curveball with information we forgot to include in our intake forms but she didn't skip a beat in helping us understand all our options. 

It was a great session that provided with a great deal of information we needed to make our decision for our upcoming embryo transfer.

Our genetic counselor exceeded our expectations. That was the most thorough, intelligent, and empathetic meeting we've had with any specialist in the last two years of this nightmare journey. I can't thank you all enough for doing what you do!

Very professional and informative. My counselor was compassionate yet let me know exactly what we needed to know in order to move forward.