After our sessions, we routinely send out a feedback form.

Here is the feedback we've gotten in the past year:

From Patients:

My counselor Heather was very knowledgeable and put us at ease for our process. Highly recommend.

It was a good and valuable service to me for my family fertility journey.

Heather was fabulous. She was able to distill complex information and make it understandable. Provided just enough background as not to overwhelm. Very pleased with our session.

Heather was kind, patient and very knowledgeable. She came to our meeting very prepared and answered all of our questions. She was absolutely fantastic!!! Thank you, Heather!

What a wonderful session. Our genetic counselor was flexible, caring, a great listener, and so so helpful. She gave us advice that both laid out the risks in a highly numerical and factual manner, and also helped us interpret what that would mean for us in a more emotional manner. She was awesome and I can't wait to recommend her to friends.

Everything was great!! Exceeded our expectations. Coming into the session were expecting the worst, but from start to finish the counselor gave us so much hope. She explained everything thoroughly and enlightened my husband and I about other options available which was an added bonus.

Our genetic counselor was very knowledgeable and helped us understand more about what happened with our genetic testing and how our infertility diagnosis shapes our outcomes.

Our genetic counselor was very helpful in helping us understand the genetic risks for our child. She also gave us a clear understanding of the genetic chart. 

Overall, the consultation was very detailed and useful in our decision making.

Our genetic counselor was very knowledgeable and showed visuals as she was communicating with us which was helpful. She helped make our clinical decision easy. 

I am so lucky to have had your guidance and expertise. . . it really meant the world to us. Thanks again for everything!

I feel so eternally grateful for your time and how much your sharing of your incredible knowledge has helped me through this process.

My wife and I were very pleased and satisfied with the meeting with had with you. We were impressed with your knowledge of the literature and your confident and personable delivery style. You were patient with us and answered all of our questions. Thanks again!

Our genetic counselor was kind, friendly, and patient with us as she walked us through the potential risks of our chosen donor. Really appreciated her candor and teaching abilities as she walked us through the meeting.

This was a really lovely and positive discussion for my partner and I. Very interesting and helpful.

My genetic counselor was AMAZING and was sincere with regards to my situation. My results unfortunately won't change but she made this bitter pill a bit easier to swallow.

My genetic counselor was amazing!! She really put my mind at ease and answered all my questions. I feel extremely confident in my decision.

Our genetic counselor is amazing! After talking to her, we felt more educated to make better decisions. 

My genetic counselor was amazing. It was incredibly helpful to speak with her. She’s very knowledgeable and answered all my questions and then some. 

Our genetic counselor was incredibly helpful and the information she shared with us was very thoughtful. We even threw her a curveball with information we forgot to include in our intake forms but she didn't skip a beat in helping us understand all our options. 

It was a great session that provided with a great deal of information we needed to make our decision for our upcoming embryo transfer.

Our genetic counselor exceeded our expectations. That was the most thorough, intelligent, and empathetic meeting we've had with any specialist in the last two years of this nightmare journey. I can't thank you all enough for doing what you do!

Very professional and informative. My counselor was compassionate yet let me know exactly what we needed to know in order to move forward. 

Our genetic counselor has been the most amazing genetic counselor my husband and I could have hoped for. We cannot even imagine going through this journey without her guidance and expertise. The information that was shared in each session was truly exceptional! The support, empathy and advocacy we received was tailored to our specific situation. It is clear that client care is a core value which made difficult conversations so much easier. We could not be more pleased with our experience with Advocate Genetics and recommend their services to anyone seeking expert advice from professionals who truly care.

Having this session was extremely beneficial for gathering knowledge necessary to make an informed decision as we move forward in our journey. 

This service is amazing. Being able to speak to someone who is profoundly knowledgeable about genetics and fertility made me feel like I was being heard, and provided us with direction and guidance when we felt lost. 

Genetic counseling is valuable to us that help us make informed decision based on the knowledge acquired from the session. Thank you Heather!

My genetic counselor was absolutely wonderful :) She was very knowledgeable, empathetic and made me feel at ease. She covered the topics I had questions regarding and was very thorough. I would highly recommend patients undergoing IVF to have a follow up with Heather and the team at Advocate. The booking was seamless, the staff are very helpful and the genetics councellors are wonderful at their job. This truly goes a long way in such a sensitive and stressful journey such as IVF, where there is a lot of fear of the unknown - especially when it comes to embryos and genetic testing! Thank you :)

Excellent counselor. Interpreter could have been better.

I had a very positive experience with my genetic counselor. They were calm and knowledgeable. I appreciated the time that was spent on my case. Thank you for helping me understand my genetic testing results.

Heather was amazing, she couldn't have been more helpful, she was warm and friendly and so knowledgeable. She made us feel very comfortable in an overwhelming situation and answered all of our questions, I couldn't speak more highly of her.

Advocate Genetics made the entire genetic testing and counseling very easy. My counselor was very well versed in everything we needed and gave us helpful context so we could understand our situation better and make the right decision for us.

I’m so impressed by the donor match consultation I had with Heather Kamen. She provided comprehensive guidance on next steps in genetic testing and answered all of my questions. It was obvious to me that she is a genuine ally to people navigating infertility in hopes of building healthy families. Big thank you!

Heather was patient and kind. She listened to my concerns and was actively compassionate. Thank you!

My genetic counselor was knowledgeable and easy to talk to. She provided me with valuable information.

I wish I was able to give a higher than 5 to the counselor. She was just amazing, very knowledgeable, so kind, I can't find the word to describe her professionality. Like so many other couples, we are so nervous during the process but our counselor with her professional behavior and knowledge helped us to be more relaxed. She answered all our questions with passion and I strongly recommend you all to have your counseling session with her.

I'm a carrier for several recessive genetic conditions and I am trying to conceive with donor sperm and so I was very glad of the opportunity to evaluate several potential donor candidates with Advocate Genetics. I feel confident that I have more information and I'm better able to evaluate the risks and I have much more peace of mind making this decision. Thank you so much for your care and help to give me the best chance at a healthy pregnancy and healthy child.

Our experience with Advocate Genetics has been absolutely wonderful. We've had two consults with Heather, and each time she completely exceeded our expectations. The warmth and compassion we received makes talking about these difficult subjects so much easier. Not only were the reports we received more thorough than we dreamed possible, she had even created some visual aids to help us visual people wrap our brains around the info. These are complicated, intimidating topics, and yet it felt like we were sitting down to coffee with our super smart best friend. I highly recommend Advocate Genetics! They'll take great care of you.


From Donors:

My experience was amazing. My counselor was very knowledgeable and great with any questions I had. I would be comfortable with emialing my counselor with any future questions I may have. 

I felt very comfortable sharing my personal information as well as any thoughts or concerns I might have had going in. My counselor was willing to listen and provide comfort and even share a few giggles!

My genetic counselor was incredibly understanding and patient. I felt so at ease and comfortable with the entire process.

Claire was great! She is very knowledgeable and made me feel comfortable during the appointment.

I had the opportunity to work with Claire Shepherd and she was nothing short of amazing. She was very helpful and informative. It was very easy to schedule, reschedule, and cancel an appointment. The call lasted an hour and my counselor was very thorough. I left without having a single doubt or question unanswered. 

I had a great appointment with the genetics counselor she was respectful and professional. She was also very familiar with concerns that I had.

Emily was professional and thoughtful during our discussion. She very clearly discussed the results and was thorough in building a family history tree based on the information I was able to provide.

My genetic counselor was extremely personable, knowledgeable, and made me very comfortable.

Heather was very nice and great to communicate with.

My genetic counselor was awesome, very genuine and caring. Amazing experience.

I liked your understanding nature and clear questions.

The counselor that I worked with was amazing! She made me feel comfortable and never made me feel judged for the information I was sharing. 10 out of 10 would recommend her! She was great!!!

I loved the way Advocate Genetics works, super fast and efficient, I felt very well taken care of! Very good support, take all my doubts leaving me more secure in relation to consultations.

This service has allowed me to look at my family history in a different aspect. They helped me become aware of my health in the future or for my children in the future.

Heather was so great to talk to!

The genetics counselor I was in communication with was very informative about why the testing is done and the different types of test that were done. She explained what certain traits could mean and was very reassuring.

I have never done genetic testing before but it was very helpful to know and understand what traits and disorders I carry. I really want to thank my counselor for informing me and answering all my questions. 

She was excellent and gave me great information about the process as well as good suggestions for the future that I had not even thought of yet. I really enjoyed talking to her.

The experience was very good. They make you feel very comfortable and everything was fulfilled in interview times. They are very serious and very professional people.

Great service. Highly recommend!